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I wish I can know things that are hidden from me„ I’m just literally lost and feeling blue„ l can’t sleep because my mind wouldn’t let me sleep and that is the main reason that causes depression„ I haven’t been this depressed before„ With everything going around me I wish I can disappear or just format my memories or just go back in time and fix the things that i have once destroyed or things that have been destroyed! I’m stuck in loop and i have no idea when I am going to be saved!!

I am literally by all means depressed and extremely bored! The fact that my life is dull makes me feel so sick!!





accurate gif is accurate.

The gif is correct.

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It is happening again„ sigh„

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I'm Muslim & proud, a Sagittarius, full of awesomeness since 1988. shorts, hoodies, cats & froyo are my obsession ♥